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01 March 2011

Pantheon - Curitiba.


Job Description:

+ Study current SAP system of France Payroll;

+ Provide consultation and design on FR Payroll Function for absences;

+ Co-implement with customer staff on FR Payroll Function for absences;

+ Perform migration of PC cluster;

+ Documentation;

+ Job Hand-over.


+ Good knowledge of SAP France Payroll and legal requirements on social contribution such as IJSS;

+ Good experiences on migration and implementation of Sickness program(RPTGENF0) to Payroll function;

+ Good knowledge of Time management;

+ English fluent.

Estimated Timeline : more than 15 days per month during May - Aug 2011 and 2-3 days per month during Sep - Dec 2011.

Consultant Location (in order of preference) - Bangkok, France, USA, Brazil, Other. <

Interessados enviar CV por e-mail para jobs.br@pantheon-inc.com